Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2nd chance for orientation in 2nd life

I thought that this video was especially helpful since I have no experience in second life. I felt that after just viewing the parts of orientation shown on the video I already have a better understanding of how second life works. I agree with the speakers that many users can feel overwhelmed with too much information and will give up easily if they don't immediately feel that they have a grasp on a program. Steps taken to make users feel like they have more control and that second life is workable will encourage them to explore all the possibilities. I thought this video was very informational and it definitely interested me in second life.

I connect with this video even though second life is foreign to me. I know that as computer and Internet user, the more I feel in charge of the technology I am using, the more apt I will be to try new things with that technology. I think that if users can master simple tasks like customizing their avatar, they will feel brave enough to use second life for multiple tasks and possibilities. The only problem I see with second life is that it seems to be a little boring at first glance, in my opinion. This could be the reason why so few of my classmates have experience with it.

I thought that the last speaker had the most effective ideas for orienting users with second life. I know that I can retain information better if I have a chance to experience it in a hands on way. I hope that in my own classroom I can present information and instructions to my students in a way that isn't too wordy and that will encourage them to try it for themselves. An interactive orientation offers information that doesn't bog down the user and also allows them to try new activities which will enable them to remember those tasks.


  1. I agree with you!If users feel like they have control over at least one thing in the jumbled world of technology, maybe they will be more willing to take on more and more!

  2. Kristi I enjoyed your post. I had a hard time staying interested in this video but after I read your post it left more of a positive feel on the video for me. I agree with you about having control over the technology that you use. The more familiar I am with something the more I will use it. Great job!

  3. I dont have experience with second life but I as well would like to try it out. Your right there are soo many people who gain confidence with their avatar therefore I think it is a good thing. It does look a bit boring but Ill have to try it out before I say for sure. Wonderful reflection!

  4. Great reflection. I'm so glad you found this beneficial even though the content was very new.