Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stereortype Slaves

I chose to view and comment a video by a student named Alix titled: Slaves of Stereotypes? The Modern World and Gender. This video was about the ways that stereotypes affect us everyday. Stereotypes not only shape the ways that we view others but they sometimes confine us to how we present ourselves. The video was excellent in my opinion! Alix used good music, graphics, and words to convey the message in a way that wasn't too flashy but still caught my attention. I could tell that the video idea as well as production took some major thought and work.

I can understand why Alix felt that this message was so important because too often I find myself judging others based on stereotypes. I wish that I didn't do this but I know that in our society it is so easy to do. I also find that I make decisions on what I wear, eat, listen to, and say based on stereotypes that I do or do not want to be associated with. I feel that Alix's video would be and excellent video for middle school or high school age students to get them thinking about stepping out of stereotypical boundaries in their schools as well as in their adult lives. This would be a good video to show to adults as well.

I hope that in my own classroom I can encourage my students to look outside the box of stereotypes and focus more on who a person is rather than which catagories they fall into. Learning lessons like this can help students throughout their entire lives. I would love to use this video in my classroom although it would be tough for most elementary school students to follow. I hope my students always feel that they are learning in a judgement free zone in my classroom and that thinking beyond things such as stereotypes is what will help them learn the most.


  1. Hey Kristi,
    I really liked this video too. I thought it was thought provoking and well constructed. I too liked the graphics and the music.
    I'm glad you will teach your kids not to develop stereotypes. It is hard though, especially for young kids becasue they are exposed to so many opinions at home, at school, on the playground, on TV. I think we all develop stereotypes, whether strong or not, throughout our childhood. The important thing is that we recognize if one is developing, and to always be learning the TRUTH about different cultures, races, genders...that way they aren't so foreign to us, but rather very similar to ourselves.

  2. It's a bit unreal how many stereotypes are in this world today. Sadly, everyone either does or at some point has stereotyped another person for whatever reason. I think developing stereotypes starts in early childhood and is just something we carry with us through adulthood when the issue is not addressed.

  3. I admit I also judge people based on what I see sometimes, which is something that drives me crazy when other people do it. I have a friend who is in a wheelchair and has Cerebral Palsy. She has little control over her muscles including her tounge so she is hard to understand. People will see her in her wheelchair and hear her talking to me and give wierd looks which drives me insane because she is all there in the head. She wants to have fun and talk to people without them talking to her like she doesn't understand. So I have really tried to stop judging people based on their appearance, but sometimes seeing the way they act makes me place them into a stereotype.

  4. Good reflection. Your font color is a little light for a white background on this post, however. I suggest using either a dark font on a light background, or vice versa.