Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Leading His School, Family, and Friends: Luis

Luis is a high school student who uses his knowledge of technology to interact with and help others. His parents were born in Mexico and don't speak English so he is also able to use his capabilities to help them do all kinds of things that they might not be able to do without him. He also works with his fellow students to create movies and various projects for school. Luis realizes that he knows about things that not everyone else does and he has a passion for sharing his knowledge and ideas with everyone around him. He showed that he could lead in many situations and help others succeed along with him.

I can relate to this video because I am a first generation college student just a Luis hopes to be. It is very important to me, as well as anyone who has a skill that their parents do not, that I teach my parents everything I can. Obviously Luis is able to share much more with his family, but even simple things like telling my parents what I learned in school to showing my dad how to find clips of his favorite sports team are huge to parents and their children. I also thought that it was great that Luis used his love of YouTube and knowledge of making video clips to interact with and entertain his younger brother. He seemed to be able to implement a little technology into everything he did.

Its extemely important for parents such as Luis' to feel that they are a part of their children's education. Newsleters, conferences, and home visits are ideas that I feel will help the parents of my future students not only feel better connected but also learn some things as well. I will also try to let children such as Luis express their creativity with technology as well as their drive to share with others in my classroom. I also thought it was interesting that Luis got to travel to share some of his ideas as well and I hope to provide opportunites such as this for my students whenever possible.

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