Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Peek for a Week or A Clear View of Bright Minds

I felt that A Peek for a Week in Room 9 was an awesome tool that could benefit students, teachers, and parents. Using these types of videos, blogs, and other medias lets students know that someone cares about what they are learning which encourages them to learn even more. Not only do things such as smart boards make learning more fun for children but it will present more opportunities for those children to be creative, learn, and express themselves. Technology in the classroom is extremely helpful to teachers because it allows them to break away from traditional activities so that their students will be more interested. The technologies that this particular teacher was using were simple in many ways (taking digital pictures) she transformed them into something that could also teach as well.. Parents benefit from these class videos and blogs because it lets them know what is going on in their child's class. This will encourage parents to be involved when they have a sense of how the classroom is ran.

Obviously things such as laptops and smartboards in classroom was unheard of when I was in school but I found that when I was able to use a technology of any kind it made learning feel more like exploring instead of just completing a task such as a worksheet. I think that the art project that the students were doing was very impressive! As teachers we should always be looking for something else to incorporate into learning that will spike a child's interest level. The children were doing anything technologically mind blowing but at the same time they were engaged and focused more than if they simply were painting a picture. I also liked the fact that the teacher actually used her smart board not only in a was to present information but also to allow students to interact with what was presented.

I think that it would be extremely helpful and informative if I were to have a class blog in my own class. I hope that I will be able to not only share whats going on with parents but also make the children feel proud of their accomplishments in my class. If I have to opportunity to work with a smart board, classroom laptops or any other kind of technology I will use it as much as possible. We are living in an age where most of the information that we read or convey to others is all through technology. I know for a fact that I type way more than I write. I feel that it is important for students to learn to use all technology available to them and its obvious that they have a ton of fun while they're at it.

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