Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1st graders & college studens learn from each other!

This video was very informative! I enjoyed the video very much and learned a lot about how blogs can serve as so much more than just a space for people so spill their thoughts. I thought that the idea of connecting elementary school children with college students in order for each to lean was wondeful. This aproach worked better than the student observations I have done before because the college students got to work with individual children one on one and it seems to me that this would also allow college students to work around their busy schedules.

I had a reading budy as a child that essentially worked the same way as blogging buddies. This was just a program where a first grade student was paired up with a fourth grade student. They would meet for about 45 minutes once a week. Half the time would be spent with the first grader reading to the forth grader and then the second half the forth grader would read to the first grader. I experienced the program from both points of view and found it very beneficial both ways so I'm not surprised that blogging buddies was so successful.

I hope to someday use this technique in my own 1st grade classroom if possible. I would love the opportunity to be a blogging buddy to an elementary school student but that probably won't be possible since I'm so close to finishing my degree and I haven't heard of this program at UCO. The program could also be used with high school technology students instead of college students as well though in case a college class won't work.


  1. Great post. I know what your refering to with the reading buddy. The elementary school my sister currently attends has a similar program and she says it has helped her with her reading. We should get some time to work with students for T4T, but your right having a blogging buddy for a semester would be a neat experience.

  2. I agree! I think pairing a 1st grade and a college student is an excellent idea. I think it would also make the child strive to one day be in college so that they too can have a 1st grade blogging buddy! =)