Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week #2 Links! :)

K-12 Student Blog Comments:

I chose to follow the blog of a Mrs. Blakely's Kindergarten class in IL. Their blog is called Kindergarten Tales and they always have a lot of fun while learning and post some awesome videos and pictures.

I am also becoming "blogging buddies" with Mr. Kootman's class. This is a 4th grade class who's blog is written by a different student everyday.

T4T Student Blog Comments:

I also read some awesome T4T student blogs and commented on them as well. Our class has some great ideas and I'm excited to be learning with so many nice, smart and excited future teachers! I left comments on
Darlene's T4T Reflection, Sammy Speaks, and Adrian Rosado T4T Blog although I think all 3 comments are still pending.

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